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In this volume I have introduced sewing with Buckskin leather beginning with moccasin and shirt patterns. You will learn how to lace seams together by hand and to attach beadwork and how to sew beads directly onto the leather.
Through the years I have learned a lot of short cuts by trial and error. Some of my secrets will be revealed in this volume and simplified steps you may have thought impossible before. Sewing with leather can be a lot of fun, and when you realize how simple it really is, your will wonder why you waited so long to try it.









The art of beading has been a tradition and life style since man began to adorn himself. The Native American Indian perfected it through the ages progressing from small stones, animal teeth, claws, bones, sticks, seeds porcupine quills and the glass beads brought to the new world by the fur traders. Contained in this volume of books you will find classic original beading patterns used centuries ago by the American Indians, along with new modern and contemporary patterns and methods. Also in volume eleven I have introduced sewing with buckskin leather teaching original dress of the Native American in different tribal locations illustrating patterns representing the people of different nations.

In this you are sure to enjoy the graphed patterns for looming as well as the split loom necklaces illustrated with instructions. Included also are secrets revealed to make easy work of beading on leather. The delicate Spanish Lace Earring. The Tiny Cradleboard earrings. Peyote patterns, Silhouette patterns for belt buckles and many beautiful floral graphed patterns for loom of square stitch and much, much more.






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